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At Circa, we offer pickles & condiments that are made using traditional family recipes that have been perfected for over three generations. Made by our all female production team, all our products are made without preservatives and are 100% natural because the acidity of the vinegar used prevents any spoilage and lends a nice tangy flavor at the same time.

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Circa Pickles & Condiments is a brainchild of Yachika Chopra, who drew inspiration from her late mother’s (Poonam Chopra) recipe journals and decided to showcase them for others to relish. Yachika grew up in Bareilly and spent her childhood playing in ‘aangans’ adorned with many a martabans filled with delicious pickles.

As she grew she developed her palate travelling the world but something was always missing. The idea of circa pickles struck her when one day she opened up a jar of pickle made by her mother and she was instantly transported back to her childhood and the pickle tasted just the way it used to 30 years ago. It was as if the family recipes had made time stand still.

Yachika Chopra / FOUNDER

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