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Here are some unique highlights about our products.


Our products are handcrafted from recipes over three generations old. Yes! three generations, not three decades. We promise you bold & unique flavors unlike mass produced pickles.


At Circa we understand the importance of clean eating. All our products are made using the highest quality ingredients and are free of any colours, additives, chemicals or preservatives.


Supporting small businesses goes a long way. All ingredients are sustainably sourced from local farmers. Our endeavor is to purchase raw materials from them.

Wholesome Goodness

Free of artificial colors, additives, chemicals or preservatives.

Besides being brilliant accompaniments to classic Indian food, our product range can be used as chunky dips which work well with munchies!

Only organic

always fresh

Our company is 100% vegetarian and all our raw materials are sustainably sourced. We endeavor to provide you with a symphony of flavors on your palate every time you take a bite of a Circa product. We hope you grow to love them as much we loved making them for you.

Made with


Each pickle is made using the best quality of hand-picked ingredients using age-old recipes. With each jar we pack and seal we hope to take you back in time, happy nostalgia for your tummy!

“Such fresh veggies and the flavor is amazing. Oh Lord was it yum? Yes, yes, yes!”

Carol Noroha

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